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Giant Dart Board. Digital Games.
Automatic Scoring.

*Launched Nov. 1st*

(Ages 11-17 may play with a participating adult. Maximum of three (3) youth for each participating adult)

Whether you’re a seasoned dart enthusiast or a first-time player, Krazy Darts™ promises hours of fun and excitement. Aim for the target and discover the next level of dart gaming with Krazy Darts™!

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About Krazy Darts

12+ Digital Game Options with Automatic Scoring

Experience the ultimate in dart gaming at Corky’s Gaming Bistro with Krazy Darts™! Enjoy this social game with automatic scoring and accessible gameplay, making it perfect for quality time with family and friends. Aim for the target and be part of the Krazy Darts™ phenomenon today!

Favorite Dart Games:

Pop It


Pirate Tic Tac Toe

Just Ducky

Plate Breaker

Team Elimination


High Noon

**Fun for Beginners & Seasoned Throwers!**

Krazy Darts Group Game

What is Krazy Darts™?

Krazy Darts™ is a revolutionary social gaming experience that combines the classic game of darts with cutting-edge technology and innovation. Standing at an impressive 12 feet tall, Krazy Darts™ offers an exhilarating adventure with over 15 dynamic game formats, featuring animated targets, immersive audio, and mesmerizing LED effects.

What sets Krazy Darts™ apart is its accessibility. With automatic scoring and a low skill requirement, it’s the perfect game for players of many ages and skill levels. Gather your family and friends for an unforgettable bonding experience as you compete in various games and challenges.

Krazy Darts Wins 2023 IAAPA Brass Ring for Best New Product - Award sits on table in front of darts game

Krazy Darts won the 2023 IAAPA Brass Ring for "Best New Product"!

Large Group Venue

Make your next corporate event, bachelor(ette) party, team building or any other event, an axe throwing party! Our large group packages include food and additional services at your specific request. Our events coordinator will handle all your large group needs.

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